3LB Equities

Management Services


Our team of experienced professionals understands the vital role of a third party manager and we don't take it for granted.  We add value by executing standards set in place over decades.


How does your location differentiate itself in a marketplace that continues to expand?  3LB believes in utilizing proven methods alongside innovative and aggressive marketing to ensure your property stays top of mind.

Risk Management

One of the largest expenses a multi-family asset incurs is insurance.  Our team offers unique knowledge of the multi-family insurance marketplace and uses it to give our clients an advantage.


3LB's Maintenance approach is in line with our core belief that our residents expect and deserve our best, every day.  We treat their home as if it were our own.


Accessible, on time and accurate.  Our team brings decades of experience allowing us to tailor reporting and processes to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Due Diligence

3LB provides clients with consultation during acquisition or disposition.  Additionally, we can assist our clients with creation of pro forma budgets when considering new development.